Answers to our most frequently asked questions provided here :

General questions

Is there an account registration fee in the portal?
No, account registration is free of charge for all types of accounts.

Who is behind the portal?
WiseOne AB owns and maintains the portal.

What is your client-customer contract conclusion policy?
WiseOne AB is the contracting part in all negotiations, with customers as well as consultants. The consultant invoices WiseOne AB and WiseOne AB invoices the customer for the work performed.

What are the charges for advertising on your welcome page?
The fee is SEK 500/calendar month. The first calendar month is free of charge. Primarily the advertisement facility targets education companies and companies selling software.

What kind of companies publish assignments in your portal?
We receive assignments from direct customers as well as from partners. The assignments cover all industries and roles.

Do your assignments cover all regions as far as place of work is concerned?
Our assignments are mainly located in the big and medium size cities in Sweden, but assignments in the other Nordic countries and the rest of Europe do occur.

What are your application-assignment matching strategies?
The portal features advanced built-in logic to calculate which profile fits the assignment best. We have been working as consultants ourselves, which has given us quite good understanding of what signifies a good match! The social interplay between consultant and customer is very important, whis is why we always recommend a meeting/interview. Finally the consultant´s own competence matching description can reveal quite a lot about his aptitude and ambition.

Consultant-related questions

Is it possible to have more than one profile/CV in a consultant account?
Yes, you can have an unlimited number of profiles. Most consultants have a Swedish and an English profile. A consultant agent can have many different profiles from a number of different consultants in his account.

What is the fastest way of getting an assignment?
Create an account and a good descriptive profile in the portal. Apply for the assignments you are interested in. Provide a detailed and competitive competence match survey targeting the assignment you are applying for. Don´t forget to mention how long you have been working with each competence required.

Is there a time reporting facility in the portal?
Yes, as soon as an assignment period starts the time sheet feature will be available to you in the portal.

What if I apply for an assignment in your portal but get another assignment meanwhile?
No problem. Let us know about this and we will withdraw the offer. Of course you are welcome back with new applications as soon as your assignment is terminated.

Are my profiles visible to customers once I created them?
Yes they are, BUT no contact information and no personal names are available to the customer prior to the offer.

Is the consultant´s contact information, related to a particular application, visible to the customer?
No consultant information is shown to the customer prior to the offer.

Customer-related questions

Do you make any charges for publishing assignments in the portal?
No, assignment publishing is completely free of charge.

What does your financing model look like?
We add a small sum, typically SEK 50/h to the hourly rate offered to us by the consultant when we offer the consultant to a customer. No extra fee is added to this rate. Some customers use framework agreements. In this case the hourly rate stated by the particular agreement applies.

Is the customer´s contact information, related to a particular assignment, visible to the consultant?
No customer information is shown to the consultant prior to the offer.

How do I post assignments in the portal?
There are a number of ways of achieving this : By creating a customer account and then post assignments yourself. By sending an email specifying assignment requirements to info@dataconsultants.info and let us publish your assignment. By clicking the menu item ´customer´ and then the link ´Send an enquiry´.