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Short term assignment for a young fast moving customer within AI: Develop and maintain a full-stack web application powered by generative AI for clients in the e-mobility/sustainable energy sector. Focus on back-end development using mainly C# while also contributing to front-end tasks as needed. Collaborate closely with AI engineers to integrate generative AI models into the application, enhancing functionality and user experience. Participate in iterative development cycles, adapting quickly to feedback and evolving project requirements. This position is fully allocated towards customer projects and requires working on-site in central Stockholm, ensuring seamless communication and alignment with their needs and goals. We Seek a Self-Starter Who Is: Proficient in full-stack development with a strong emphasis on back-end programm[i]ng in C# and Python. Experienced in working cloud-based environments (Eg., Azure). Comfortable working with container services such as Docker. Capable of handling diverse tasks in a fast-paced, iterative startup setting. Has a keen interest in generative AI technologies. Your Profile Comfortable working in fast-moving startup environments and adapting to rap[i]dly changing requirements. Previous exposure to AI technologies, particularly generative AI, is beneficial. While formal education is appreciated, we place a higher value on real-world experience and the hands-on building of various applications. Your proven ability to develop and implement effective solutions is what truly matters to us.
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