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The clients Java Platform team, are an inclusive group of people with varying levels of experience working together in closely-knit teams. They are responsible for designing, developing, deploying, and maintaining the Java Platform for their highly popular game. What you will do: • Design, implement, test and iterate on features on the platform supporting the games Java Edition. • Be involved in improving architecture, code quality and the Java Edition player experience • Be a part of a highly collaborative team and support other team members We expect you: • To have proven experience with Java programm[i]ng OR game development (bonus points if you have both). • To have experience with working with improving build and release pipelines • Feel comfortable working with large codebases. • To thrive in highly collaborative environments where pair- and mob programm[i]ng is frequently used. • To understand the trade-offs that a developer needs to make between striving for ideal technical solutions and keeping the speed needed to honor the deadlines. An extra bonus if you have experience of working with rendering. CV in English
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