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Responsibilities as a frontend developer in our team include developing modern and reusable frontend components, that build up the entire customer facing sports betting experience. We are a cross-functional team, so working closely with, for example, backend and native developers and UX is a natural part of the work. A developer in our team participates all aspects of the work, from initial planning and setting up component architecture to maintaining our components and handling issues. Your expertise lies within JavaScript and Node.js development. We like to use: JavaScript Node.js React Micro Frontends Continuous Delivery using Jenkins and Docker Best development-practices Agile and lean values Your experience: You have at least 5 years of experience working as a developer. You find the description of this role exciting and want to build scalable software in a distributed architecture, and above all are passionate about solving challenging problems in a fast-paced and ever-changing environment. You are a posit[i]ve person by nature and have a passion for what you do, putting teamwork and collaboration above all else. You take great pride in your ability to grasp complex business scenarios and translate them into solutions with clean and performant code. You believe in yourself and your own abilities, but also appreciate that there is an endless ocean of new things to learn and take on board, cherishing the opportunity to do so.
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